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Booking orders for summer 2014

Buchcraft Knives

Abraham Elias has been designing and making knives since 2003.

An auto worker and jack-of-all-trades he developed his love of steel as a boy having owned his first knife at the age of six which was a gift from his uncle and then becoming a collector at the age of ten buying knives with his paper route money. Through Scouting Abe became interested in the outdoors and since then his love for Wilderness adventuring has grown. A teacher of outdoor survival skills and a certified in Canoeing by the Ontario Recreational Canoeing Association Abe has been teaching people about camping and planning wilderness trip since 1993. A few years ago Abe left the auto industry all together and went into knife making full time. Abe’s knives are known amongst the bush craft crowd as being comfortable tools that will get the job done. Over the past eight years he has become; Field Editor for "Knives Illustrated" magazine, contributing writer to Knife World and can be found writing for numerous other outdoor publications. While writing for magazines Abe has had the opportunity to learn much about knife design and making which he has put to use in creating his working blades for the outdoorsman. Calling all adventures, wonders people with a need to face a challenge, test themselves, those who take the road less traveled and come back better for it. Colonial/ETAG has a line of knives for you. Do you need a knife that you can depend on like you depend on yourself. A piece of kit that stand with you like the best of friends a solid partner well that is the goal of the new Colonial ETAG line. There is not much you can depend on these days so for the outdoors man, wilderness adventurer and backwoods traveler Colonial has teamed up with custom knife maker and outdoor author Abe Elias. The first offering of the line will be a set o four Tactical Utility Knives. A class of knife mean to be solid work horses to meet the needs of Service people or the Bush Crafter alike. To get a tactical appeal doesn’t mean you have to give up the slightest piece of working advantage so the first offerings fit right in place for any user Military or civilian because bith want knives that work hard but aren’t hard on the user. Enjoy the first offerings and stay tuned for the next wave of releases.

Buchcraft Product Line