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Model CE 300 - Cerberus

A mid size blade with great cutting capability and a style that stands out. Not your normal looking utility knife it is for those who serve those who need to face the challenge and need a solid tool by their side. Blade geometry gives it a keen cutting edge, it is a knife and that is what it’s meant to do. Yet at its spine weight 5/32” and size it is tuff and a solid carry. Capable of being your utility blade a survival knife or if need be an aggressor the Cerberus is the dog you can let slip in times of peace and war to get the job done. If there was a boarder where Bush Craft and Tactical met it would be the Cerberus.

Lifetime Warranty

Price $200.00


  • Overall length: 9”
  • Blade Rockwell: 59 C
  • Thickness of Blade: 3/16”
  • Blade material: 154 CM
  • Weight: 4 0z.

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