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Model CE 200 - Nomad

This model is midsize bush craft and tactical blade rolled into one a laid back clip point stream lines the knife blade geometry yet the edge profile leaves plenty of distance for the sharp edge to be put to work. It is called the Nomad because it is the wanderer of designs being an all around user you will find it useful for Bush Craft small chores and even hunting. Destined to be the knife you look at one day and can’t imagine being without. At the end of a long wilderness adventure putting it down will feel like saying farewell to a life time friend. Made form 5/32” stock the grind it taken back high enough to keep the steels strength and create an aggressive cutting edge. For comfort and control the handle has gentle contours to allow your hand to work with it for long periods and not suffer any hot spots or fatigue. For those restless spirits that have to just get out that feel they were born to wonder the wilds the Nomad.

Lifetime Warranty

Price $200.00


  • Overall length:8 3/4”
  • Blade Rockwell: 59 C
  • Thickness of Blade: 5/32”
  • Blade material: 154 CM
  • Weight: 4 0z.

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