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Tat Cutter™ II New & Improved for 2014

The word "tat" is derived from the term climbers use to describe old or questionable webbing. The new “Tat Cutter™” from Colonial Cutlery™ is not only an efficient cutter of "tat", it’s equally good at cutting cord, webbing, seat belts, netting and clothing. The Tat Cutter™ features a rounded hook design that prevents cutting skin in an emergency situations. The new model pictured here is improved by using a double grind on both sides for longer cutting performance. It clips onto pockets, belts, seat belts, webbing, and doubles as a money clip. You can also remove the clip and wear the Tat Cutter™ on a chain or cord. The Tat Cutter™ carries a Lifetime Warranty.


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Article: Colonial Knives Tat Cutter™—TSA Compliant?

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  • 0.110 inch think 440 C Stainless Steel
  • Rockwell hardness of 58-60
  • Double grind on both sides for longer cutting performance
  • Removable plastic clip

Available directly from Colonial Kinfe™